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Sizzle for Valentines

Book today - Sale ends Jan. 27, 2020

  Valentine's day celebrates love. And what better way to than to give the gift that lasts a lifetime, a valentine boudoir portrait from Sudbury's most complete boudoir photography studio. Personal, sexy, yet elegant photography to help you cherish this moment in your life. You'll...

How to get ready for your Boudoir shoot

The stress free way to look great and have a awesome shoot.

We all like the idea of a boudoir shoot. We see all these great sample photos and think to ourselves, "Oh I could never do that" or "I'll do it when I lose some weight" or I don't have...

Introducing the “Wet Set”

So here's one of most fun sets we have. The "Wet Set" is harder for us to setup and cleanup, but the advantage is we get some unique images that you just won't get anywhere else. This image shows the basic setup, although we've replaced the plexi with a larger piece...

Boudoir Photography and the “Art of the Tease”

To tease one must first have confidence. Sadly, for many, that's the hard part. I get a lot of people that come for a boudoir session. Some that want to put a flame back into their relationship. Some that need a lift to their self-esteem. And some that just want to...

Your Boudoir Photo Shoot – the Gift that lasts a Lifetime


Women of all shapes and sizes consider doing a boudoir portrait session from time to time. It is the sexy gift that can both start a relationship or re-kindle a stable one. Truth is that many women are hesitant because they think something about themselves is not good enough. Or that they'll lose a few pounds or get in better shape.

The truth is, you are perfect the way you are right now. A skilled photographer can help you overcome your inhibitions, and pose you in a way that will light some sparks. In fact, most of our clients soon realize these pictures are not just for right now, they'll last a lifetime and give many fond memories down the road.


bridal-boudoir-sudbury-photogrpahyIntimate boudoir portraits are very popular with brides-to-be as a special gift to their new husband. They also make an awesome anniversary gift or valentine surprise. Often women get them done to celebrate a milestone in their life or accomplished a goal. What ever the reason, it's as much for yourself as it is for the person you're giving to.




So why do women get apprehensive about their shoot? It's because they aren't sure of themselves.

But after being pampered by our Hair and Makeup artist, carefully selecting poses they adore from our sample collection, working with our female posing expert, and being expertly photographed by a skilled photographer they soon start to relax and get into the fun mood of the shoot.

The apprehension disappears and their confidence appears.

Just take a look at this feedback from satisfied clients:

Great experience, very professional , made me feel very comfortable anyone who is thinking about doing a boudoir this is place to go.


I felt comfortable doing the shots- being a shy person and all.


Kerry definitely impressed me today with his creativity, respect for my shy mother, and how he takes his time for each shot. Highfive Kerry!



bridal-boudoir-sudbury-photogrpahyA well done boudoir photograph will be something to cherish for years and years. A keepsake - a memento you'll value forever.

So don't let your reservations hold you back. Let us bring out the beauty you already have.


15 Things You Need to Know Before Taking Boudoir Photos

Kerry Allan, a professional photographer with a Sudbury based Boudoir Studio, has been shooting boudoir sessions with women for over 10 years. Along with his partner Mary-Anne, they've created a sexy, yet soft style of photography that people feel very comfortable with. Client comfort is paramount to getting great portraits. Working...

A little Shy about doing your Boudoir Session?

It's not everyday we pose for the camera, particularly in sexy clothing. That's normal for just about everybody. We all have some "issues" here and there that we wish were a bit better. But here's the deal. Don't let that stop you! - These ladies didn't, and look how they feel...

How can I hide my “Problem Areas” in my Boudoir Photos?

Nobody has the perfect figure - not even supermodels. All of us have a few things we wish were different, but creating great boudoir photography is to use poses that complement each individual and make them the best they can be. We've had women, and couples come to our studio who are...

Why do Plus Size Women look so hot?

It's true. There is a secret recipe to photographing plus size women - the trick is to let them show the beauty they already have instead of the insecurities that hold them back. You see, as a plus size photographer myself I fully understand how the emotions work. The concerns about how people look at...

New Night Club set – One week only

You gotta check this out. From May 18-24, we're using our all new night club boudoir set here in our Sudbury studio.

Lights, dancing, fun and boudoir are the theme and what a great way of getting unique images. IMG_6473Here, Lorrie, one of...

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