Boudoir Paintings

Looking for something truly beautiful that will last for a lifetime?


Turn your boudoir portrait into a painting that your family will cherish for decades.





Boudoir portraits are not supposed to be hidden away, but beautifully displayed for generations to admire. And for that, there is nothing like a painting.

We produce beautiful boudoir portraiture right here in Sudbury. We specialize in it. And for something really extraordinary, we can turn your beautiful portrait into an even more beautiful painting to be hung and admired.

I always remember the scene from the movie Titanic where the granddaughter discovers a painting of her grandmother done decades before and is stunned by how beautiful she was.

In today's digital world, we often lose site of some things that truly matter. Our lives can be enriched by simply glancing at a portrait hanging in our house as we walk by it. Something of value, an heirloom to be handed down and admired forever.

Our paintings are beautifully printed on matte surface "Cold Press" art paper or Genuine canvas. These are not throw away pictures - they are genuine art.

Take a look at some of these designs of beautiful Lorrie:


So call us today, and see how we can work with you to produce your special boudoir photography session today.

Kerry Allan