Hollywood Glamour



One of my favorite styles of photography is "Hollywood Glamour".

While not technically boudoir, it is none the less one of the most beautiful styles in the history of glamour photography.

For years I've studied the masters of the era like George Hurrell who shot most of the Hollywood stars for decades. His images are literally legendary and almost everybody knows his famous ones like Jean Harlow, Greta Garbo and hundreds more.

boudoir-photography-sudbury-hollywood-glamour-glamorPhotographically, this is a demanding session. Hollywood glamour is defined by it's stylistic and dramatic look. Something that has to be crafted to each individual session. This is NOT the kind of lighting that lends itself to mass production.

This is a session I shot in Scottsdale Arizona with the wonderful model Amanda. Beyond the complex lighting, we stylized the shoot with custom 1940's hair and makeup, wardrobe from a specialty store that specialized in period pieces and posing inspired by George Hurell.

The mannequin in the background is actually another model as we couldn't find a real mannequin prop 🙂

Finishing off the image in a old style toned black and white added the finishing touches to the period image.

I'm inspired to do another series this coming Sept. If you're interested in a shoot like this there are a limited number being offered.

Sitting fee is $249 which will include custom Hair and Makeup (40's style), custom wardrobe from our special period collection, and a 3 hour shoot.

hollywood-glamour-photography-boudoir-sudbury sudbury-hollywood-glamour-boudoir-photographyIf you're interested in being one of the ten sessions you can book them below. Sessions are custom so they must be paid in advance.

Believe me. You'll get stunning images to last a lifetime!