Boudoir Photography and the “Art of the Tease”

Boudoir Photography and the “Art of the Tease”

To tease one must first have confidence. Sadly, for many, that's the hard part.

I get a lot of people that come for a boudoir session. Some that want to put a flame back into their relationship. Some that need a lift to their self-esteem. And some that just want to give their special someone a great gift. But by far, the most common reason is about lifting their self-esteem.

Day to day life wears us down a little. The advertising media gives us false impressions of what we should look like - a goal that is virtually un-reachable. We start feeling shy about our appearance and sexiness. We lose confidence in ourselves. We become introverted. And all of this is just wrong.

boudoir-photography-sudburyI've photographed women all my life and I can tell you without a doubt, all women are beautiful and sexy. Sometimes they just need to be reminded of that. They need to see themselves the way I see them from behind the camera. Once they do, all the confidence comes flooding back. Then the "Art of the Tease" becomes possible.

So what is tease in boudoir photography? A simple smile - a glimmer in the eye - a tilt to the head - and of course, a little twist to the body.

Once you see that the imperfections you perceive in your body image are either wrong or fixable, then the rest is easy 🙂

So what is it that most women worry about? What is their body shame issue. I hear this all the time. "I'll do it when I lose some weight", or I've got a belly - or stretch marks or small/large breasts and so on. Every single one of us has things about us we don't like and 9 times out of 10 they are far more perceived than real.



I wish I could count the number of women that start beaming with pride when they first see their pictures. Cry? Yes certainly 🙂 Many do. Their self-esteem floods back and they realize they are sexy.

Body image is fixable. The choice of wardrobe is the first thing. Well fitting garments are worth their weight in gold. They can cover problem areas or help to add shape.


boudoir-tease-photography-sudburyPosing is the king. Correct posing can turn a photo from average to stunning.

Most people have never been photographed by a professional so they never really understand what a pro can do.

Professional boudoir photography is not about clicking the shutter, it's about crafting a pose that complements your strengths an diminishes your weak points.

Add some great lighting, a nice set, and poof - your hot 🙂



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