How to get ready for your Boudoir shoot

How to get ready for your Boudoir shoot

The stress free way to look great and have a awesome shoot.

We all like the idea of a boudoir shoot. We see all these great sample photos and think to ourselves, "Oh I could never do that" or "I'll do it when I lose some weight" or I don't have the outfits to wear. Well, none of those are actually valid reasons. Your are exactly the right person for this shoot just the way you are. Let me show you how to make your pictures rock!

The person you are is already beautiful.

I was listening to Peter Hurley, one of my photography mentors the other day and he was telling a story about a client that was looking at her pictures with her husband. The pictures were stunning, but as they went through them she turned to her husband and said " I hate my face".

The problem was, this woman had just won Miss Universe, and her face was gorgeous. These are the insecurities we all have. Magazines and commercials define a false image we think we can't compete with. But the simple truth is "all women are beautiful just the way they are.

Being beautiful in the body you already own

The best way to look stunning in your boudoir shots, has nothing to do with makeup or wardrobe, it has to do with confidence. It sounds corny but yes, inner beauty is the key ingredient.

Don't fret about imperfections. Our trained staff will deal with those. The look that makes a great boudoir shot is all in the eyes - and the eyes are controlled by your inner esteem.


What's the secret only Super Models know how to use?

Every model frets about their body. What they know is how to show off their best assets and hide their weaknesses. Look at this pose of a 40+ yr old woman.

She knew her bustline was an asset. But she had imperfections like everyone else. So the lighting, wardrobe and posing were all carefully selected to deal with them.

Is her face covered with deep laugh lines and wrinkles? Does she have stretch marks? Varicose veins? Is her butt too big? Are her upper arms too large? You'll never know. The photo was created to give her an image that she and her husband will love forever.

So you and your photographer are allies in crafting your personalized boudoir photos. With a proper consultation prior to the shoot, all of these points will come out. You'll know the kind of outfits you'll want to bring, and we'll know what our posing and lighting plans are going to be.

Choosing your wardrobe

We carry accessories at the studio, but you should plan on bringing your own, well fitting, outfits. And bring more than you need. This means we can pick and choose the right piece for the right job. Also bring your favorite bling.

Be aware of your problem areas. For stretch marks, a bustier is the best answer. We also have scraps of material we can drape over a midriff to hide problems. Fitting is important for bustiers. The cup size should be right on and the bodice can be a bit loser to allow for movement.

Good fitting bras are also important. With these garments, try bending forward from the waist. If there is a gap between your bustline and the garment it will look bad in poses.



T-shirts, tight fitting jeans, colorful or funny panties, thongs can all be used. Even look for fun items like bold colored socks or stockings. They all make for dramatic shots. And don't forget any accessories like hats, gloves, musical instruments like a guitar, boas, all can be used to create shots you won't soon forget.

Another great thing to do is bring anything your husband likes. If he's into hunting bring some camo tops and accessories. If he's a carpenter, bring a tool belt and so on. It all works great for producing shots he'll remember.

Large men's shirts are also popular, and we have those here in different colors.



Preparing for the shoot

If you have decided to use our hair and makeup artists, leave for the studio with no makeup or hair products.

We'll be doing all of that here. Also, wear loose fitting clothing like sweats or lose T's. The marks left on the skin by tight fitting clothes or undergarments can take hours to fade and can be next to impossible to retouch.

Let's start off with a consultation.

The best way to get awesome results is to plan. I like to meet clients in person for a consultation so I can show you sample poses. With a short 30 minute consultation, your shoot will be everything you ever dreamed of.

See you soon.

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