Introducing the “Wet Set”

Introducing the “Wet Set”

So here's one of most fun sets we have. The "Wet Set" is harder for us to setup and cleanup, but the advantage is we get some unique images that you just won't get anywhere else.

This image shows the basic setup, although we've replaced the plexi with a larger piece so we can do 3/4 length shots on it now.

subdury-shower-set-boudoir-photographyThe model can stand behind the plexi in a variety of outfits that suit from swimwear to lingerie to implied nude. Even a simple wet "T" looks awesome in this setting.

Using dramatic lighting we're able to get some stunning results. While this shot shows it done on a plain white background, we normally use different backgrounds for more dramatic looks.

An assistant sprays the plexi with water to create droplets, then also sprays a mist into the air between the model and the plexi during the shoot to simulate mist or steam.




We avoid spraying the model with water to protect the hair and makeup, but usually towards the end we can let loose and get some great shots by the model applying a baby oil on her skin then letting the water droplets bead up as if she's been out in the rain.

This session is usually done by itself due to the nature of the setup, however it can added to our Sexy Sizzle package at any time.




With over 20 years experience in professional boudoir photography, SIZZLE.PHOTOGRAPHY is the number one stop in Northern Ontario for outstanding creative sessions.

We specialize with concepts and sets that other studios don't bother with to give you the most outstanding and unique images you've ever had. Our shower set is just one example. Check out our other pages for more innovative ideas.


Call or text today and book your session. Times are limited for this special shoot.

See you soon 🙂



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