A little Shy about doing your Boudoir Session?

A little Shy about doing your Boudoir Session?

It's not everyday we pose for the camera, particularly in sexy clothing. That's normal for just about everybody. We all have some "issues" here and there that we wish were a bit better.

But here's the deal. Don't let that stop you! - These ladies didn't, and look how they feel about their shoots!

  • We were very comfortable as well ! Definitely will go back to Sizzle Photography - Katelynn

  • Such an amazing experience! I felt so comfortable. I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out. - Taylor

  • Kerry definitely impressed me today with his creativity, respect for my shy mother, and how he takes his time for each shot. Highfive Kerry! - Amanda

  • I felt comfortable doing the shots- being a shy person and all. Overall it was a good experience and I enjoyed it very much. Can't wait to see results!!! - Kristen

So here's a few tips to help you prepare and feel great for your boudoir session.

  1. Stop worrying about what you think are problem areas with your appearance. We've worked with women of all ages and shapes and believe me when I say that all women are beautiful. My oldest client was 67, and she looked awesome in her photos. And Plus Sized? Put your worries behind you. We've had many plus size women that are stunned about how good they look in their boudoir photographs.

  2. Boudoir photography is a present for you as well as your special someone. You'll surprise yourself at how great you look when photographed by a true professional.

  3. Have good fitting clothing. Bustiers are a favorite wardrobe piece as they look awesome and can help hide some common problem areas. Well fitting bras, jackets, t-shirts and so on can all make you look and feel hot.

  4. Don't worry about who will see you in the studio. Your session is private. You'll be met by Mary-Anne who is your personal coach for the session. She is the one that helps you with the wardrobe, posing and tiny adjustments to make you feel - and look great. Kerry is the photographer. He works with you and Mary-Anne to help you get into the perfect pose. Dana is our hair and makeup artist. She's the best in the city of Sudbury. She'll make you look stunning for your shoot.

  5. Your pictures are private. Nobody will ever see them except you and your significant other. We never post or show client work on the internet or in the studio without your explicit permission.

Boudoir photography is not about being nude - it's about being sexy


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This is your Day to Shine

Don't delay - don't put it off for another day - don't wait till you lose five more pounds - You're already good to go - right now!

Give us a call and see how we can help make your day special.


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