Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Celebrated Boxing day with the beautiful Shayna and an awesome shoot to test out some new lighting ideas.

Shayna is gifted in front of the camera, and she showed amazing patience as we played with the lighting setup. While this shot looks simple, it's actually about 6 lights with very fine grids aimed to light specific areas.

When shooting a dark haired model, wearing a black outfit against a dark background, it's important to light each element that might disappear into the background. You also want to accent her curves as well.

So one light is set to lay down a base exposure, another to add a touch of light to her hair, a third to light her hip, another on her face, and yet another to accent her cleavage. Finally, a small kicker light was used to keep the background from going black.

Sounds easy doesn't it. But my point is, this kind of photography takes time. A lot of time to get things just right. And Shayna was great as my assistant and I worked and tweaked the lighting to get it "just right".Boudoir-Photography-Sudbury-Shayna

Great boudoir photography requires great makeup. And makeup for photography is a bit different that regular street makeup.

Studio lights tend to wash out skin. Makeup has to be just right to bring the facial features back into perspective. That's why we always use a professional makeup artist on all our boudoir sessions. The best thing to do is come to the studio with a clean face, and let our artist do the rest.

Good boudoir needs good wardrobe. Well fitting garments can make or break a session. Notice in the photo above how her lingerie fits properly. We didn't have to do any retouching for elastic marks or bulges from a garment that's too tight. Always look for garments that suits your size.

A good idea is to come to the studio in a comfortable track suit, and put your garments on in our change room. This prevents marks from tight straps and elastics on your skin. They can take an hourĀ  or more just to fade away.





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