How can I hide my “Problem Areas” in my Boudoir Photos?

How can I hide my “Problem Areas” in my Boudoir Photos?

Nobody has the perfect figure - not even supermodels. All of us have a few things we wish were different, but creating great boudoir photography is to use poses that complement each individual and make them the best they can be.

We've had women, and couples come to our studio who are every shape, size and age. Everyone has that inner beauty hiding inside just waiting to come out. And here are a few illustrations of how we can do that.

boudoir photography-sudbury-northern-ontario

You'll notice a few things in this portrait. This lady is in her 40's and like most of us, she has a couple of things about her body she doesn't like. But can you find them?

Does she have stretch marks? - you'll never know.

Does she have big shoulders or flabby upper arms? - can't tell.

Is her butt too big? - don't know.

Is her neck all wrinkled? - nope

Is her chest droopy? - nope

Does she have acne scarring on her face? darned if I know.

Does she have love handles? who knows.

What does she have?

A beautiful face? - Check.

Awesome hair? - Check.

A full beautiful chest? Check.

Using the right clothing, the right photographic lighting and a few accessories we can create a wonderful boudoir photo that she and her husband/boyfriend will love forever.

In this pose, the beads add contrast to the photo. But more importantly they add a frame for her bust drawing attention to it. The lighting hits her chest just right to add shape and form, and her face is beautifully lit to show her natural beauty.

Here in Sudbury, we don't just take boudoir photos, we craft boudoir portraits.

Simple wardrobe choices like a good fitting bra or bustier can make all the difference in the world to your photos.

So check out the samples on our website and give us a call and set up a free consultation for your boudoir session today.

See you in the studio soon 🙂

Kerry Allan



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