Your Boudoir Photo Shoot – the Gift that lasts a Lifetime

Your Boudoir Photo Shoot – the Gift that lasts a Lifetime


Women of all shapes and sizes consider doing a boudoir portrait session from time to time. It is the sexy gift that can both start a relationship or re-kindle a stable one. Truth is that many women are hesitant because they think something about themselves is not good enough. Or that they'll lose a few pounds or get in better shape.

The truth is, you are perfect the way you are right now. A skilled photographer can help you overcome your inhibitions, and pose you in a way that will light some sparks. In fact, most of our clients soon realize these pictures are not just for right now, they'll last a lifetime and give many fond memories down the road.


bridal-boudoir-sudbury-photogrpahyIntimate boudoir portraits are very popular with brides-to-be as a special gift to their new husband. They also make an awesome anniversary gift or valentine surprise. Often women get them done to celebrate a milestone in their life or accomplished a goal. What ever the reason, it's as much for yourself as it is for the person you're giving to.




So why do women get apprehensive about their shoot? It's because they aren't sure of themselves.

But after being pampered by our Hair and Makeup artist, carefully selecting poses they adore from our sample collection, working with our female posing expert, and being expertly photographed by a skilled photographer they soon start to relax and get into the fun mood of the shoot.

The apprehension disappears and their confidence appears.

Just take a look at this feedback from satisfied clients:

Great experience, very professional , made me feel very comfortable anyone who is thinking about doing a boudoir this is place to go.


I felt comfortable doing the shots- being a shy person and all.


Kerry definitely impressed me today with his creativity, respect for my shy mother, and how he takes his time for each shot. Highfive Kerry!



bridal-boudoir-sudbury-photogrpahyA well done boudoir photograph will be something to cherish for years and years. A keepsake - a memento you'll value forever.

So don't let your reservations hold you back. Let us bring out the beauty you already have.