Why do Plus Size Women look so hot?

Why do Plus Size Women look so hot?

It's true. There is a secret recipe to photographing plus size women - the trick is to let them show the beauty they already have instead of the insecurities that hold them back.

You see, as a plus size photographer myself I fully understand how the emotions work. The concerns about how people look at us, value us, and respect us. And as a man, I've had it easy. Society doesn't put the same expectations on me that it does on women.

For this reason I've learned how to see women for who they really are and not how some glamour magazine defined for us. In fact, forget the magazine supermodels, even they don't look like their pictures.

I see beauty. Always have. Even as a kid. And I've learned not only how to see it, but how to capture it in images. The way we pose, light and look all contributes to showing the beauty each woman has.

Everybody has body flaws. We carry some extra pounds, we have stretch marks, and things don't always ... ummm... hang - the way we would like. Maybe we don't like our skin, or we want whiter teeth or ...well you name it. The list goes on and on. But stop right there. Repeat after me. "I am beautiful right now".

So here's some tips on how you can show off your awesomeness in a boudoir shoot:

  • Get nice fitting lingerie – pay attention to details like proper cup size

  • Bustiers are your friend

  • Old T shirts and jeans are always awesome

  • Something of your husband’s like a favorite team jersey or hunting jacket

  • Boudoir photography is more about teasing than showing so think about fabrics, scarfs and so on

  • Special props from musical instruments to sports equipment

Most of all feel beautiful. This is your time to shine and we're on your side. We're there to give you the best time ever in front of a camera. My assistant (MaryAnne - also plus size)  and I are here to help you knock peoples socks off 🙂

See you soon.


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